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Wellness Soap and Lotion Gift Set

Our foaming hand soap is made from scratch using organic plant based oils, to which we add pure essential oils for their cleansing and aromatherapy properties.

This set includes three essential oil foaming hand soaps and one of our lotions made from scratch with organic oils and butters. Stay well and keep your skin moisturized in between all the hand washing!

The set includes ONE EACH of the following:

  • Pump bottle of Lavender Foaming Hand Soap (Fresh and Relaxing)
  • Pump Bottle of Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap (Refreshing and Uplifting)
  • Pump Bottle of Four Robbers Foaming Hand Soap (Immunity Boosting)
  • Pump Bottle of Lavender Mint Lotion (Perfect combination of Relaxing and Uplifting)

Harness the power of Aromatherapy!

Customer Reviews

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Suzie Kelley (Portland, US)
Great product

The scents are amazing.