Great Outdoors Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors (fisherman, hikers, campers, gardeners etc.)! The Great Outdoors Gift Set comes with everything you and your family need to safely enjoy your time outdoors without the use of harsh chemicals.
This set includes:

Choice of Soap (Campers, Jewelweed, Sportsman)

  • Camper's Soap: Made with a blend of essential oils known to keep away the bugs and provide a wonderful scent! We also add oatmeal and yarrow flowers for a moderate exfoliant.
  • Jewelweed Soap: Made with a strong Jewelweed tea, this soap is great as a poison ivy preventative, as jewelweed is said to neutralize the oils of the poison ivy plant.
  • Sportsman Soap: Made with Anise, which smells like black licorice, this soap is great for removing scent from your hands.

Tick Spray

Our essential oil tick spray is made with rose geranium and cedar essential oils. These two essential oils are the most effective at repelling ticks. Use along with appropriate clothing for protection without exposure to harmful chemicals.

Bug Spray

Our essential oil bug spray is perfect for repelling mosquitoes without exposure to harmful chemicals.

Bug Stick

Our bug stick is a solid lotion stick scented with the same bug repellent essential oils as our bug spray. This product is great for use on children, and also works wonderfully applied to your face to keep the gnats away!

Bite Relief Salve

Our bite relief salve is made with organic olive oil infused with organic chickweed, which is known to treat hot, itchy and inflamed skin irritation due to rashes or bug bites. Chickweed soothes itchiness when all other remedies have failed.  Add to this the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of plantain and comfrey as well as the many skin loving and healing benefits of Lavender essential oil.

Choice of Lip Balm (flavor choices vary)

Our organic lip balms are made from scratch with a blend of organic sunflower oil, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, and locally sourced beeswax.