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Amazing for my eczema!

I love the whipped cocoa butter and use it everyday on my face as a moisturizer. I have had issues with eczema for years and used it all, including steroid creams that are bad for you. I recently had a bad eczema spot on my ear and decided to try the whipped cocoa butter instead of a prescription. After 3 days, my eczema was completely cleared up! Amazing! I am so happy and will never use the harsh steroids again!! Try it, you won’t be sorry!!!

Great quality of the product
Leaves skin smooth and feels soft
Definitely buying again
Definitely recommend these items

The soap and lotion are excellent
Leave our skin soft and smooth
Highly recommended
Will certainly buy again

Absolutely amazed with the quality of this product!
I would highly recommend this product.

I love it!

Wonderful aroma...

This is a fabulous scent - it gives just the right atmosphere whenever I use it. And use it SPARINGLY - a little goes a long way.

I really enjoyed it, I will recommended the Lip Scrub to everyone and continue to use for my self.

whipped shea butter

I love it some good stuff it sure does moisturize you does feel a little greasy at first but absorbs fast in your skin.

Great for dry feet and fingers!

I love the Bay Berry Bliss lotion stock for moisturizing the rough skin on my feet and fingers. It’s great on dry cuticles also!

The NEW peppermint whipped shea butter !!!

I simply ADORE the new peppermint shea butter! Peppermint is my favorite fragrance, and combined with the luxuriously lovely whipped butter...well it's a MUST HAVE if you are a fan of peppermint!


I like the creaminess and not crazy about the scent.


This soap is just what I picture when I think of the old-fashioned “down on the farm” image. It’s creamy and rich and it leaves my skin feeling very pampered. Thank you for the hard work you put into all your products - please don’t change a thing!

Unbelievable feeling!

I tried this soap for the first time today and it is FABULOUS!i was surprised at how GOOD those little coffee bits felt! You can easily modify how hard you’re scrubbing and just go a little easier on the more “sensitive” areas. After my shower I honestly felt so INVIGORATED! I DEFINITELY recommend this soap to anyone who can take a little extra “rubbing”. My skin felt GREAT!!!

Black Raspberry Soap

Love the scent!


I love the various bars!

True to its name

We tried the serenity lotion while the soap was sold out. It truly makes you feel calm and stressfree! It smells fresh and clean and calming (but not in a sleepy way). I let my grandma smell it and she ended up loving it so much I didn't have the heart to NOT give it to her. So now I'm buying more for myself and my mom!

It's like putting clouds on your skin

Little bits of heaven in a jar! This stuff feels like a cloud and smells so good you'll think you died and went to heaven! Never found any other moisturizer this calming to apply. Highly recommend.

I might eat it

I can't take a shower now without wanting to eat the soap!! Seriously, smells SO good and makes your skin so so soft!!! Absolutely love it.

We're going to be lifers

My husband and I are SOLD! We'll be life-long users of BayBerryBliss products!! We absolutely love the Lavendar Rosemary soap. My husband has really really bad eczema, especially in the winter months. It makes the whole shower smell so good! His words: "my skin feels so soft. I got out of the shower and I was like 'wait, did I just put lotion on??' But I didn't! It's the soap! I'm never using any other soap again. Dove makes my skin so dry after and it doesn't even smell good." So I tried it and I know what he means!! It smells divine & my skin is sooo smooth, it feels like I just used an exfoliating scrub.

Just the right effect...

This diffuser is super...when used with the essential oil it produces just the right amount of scent in my home. Not overpowering at all, which is sometimes a problem with other methods. I highly recommend this product.


Love 💕 it.

Extra nice!

I put this soap in the guest bathroom for the Holidays. Received many comments on how it left their skin soft and not dry!

Orange Lotion Stick

This has a nice soft pleasant scent. Smooths on so nice and absorbs. I will buy again! I like to rub it in the top of my hands, forearms and elbows!

I love this soap before bedtime. Lavendar guarantees the best sleep.

So lovely!

I love this’s light and very feminine. And the bar itself is just beautiful...a swirl of colors.