Jewelweed Unscented Natural Soap

Unscented, Exfoliating, & Minimizes Poison Ivy Rash
  • Unscented.
  • Jewelweed neutralizes the oils that cause rash from poison ivy.
  • Ground oatmeal to scrub off dirt and oils & soothe skin.
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Our Jewelweed soap is made with a strong jewelweed tea that we brew ourselves.  It also has ground oatmeal to help scrub off any dirt and oils from your skin.  The juice from the stem and leaves of the plant is used by herbalists as a treatment for poison ivy.  We aren't sure how effective this would be as a treatment for poison ivy; so play it safe and use this after a hike through the woods or an afternoon weeding in the yard to clean yourself up before the rash sets in. The rash comes from an oil in the poison ivy plant, this would be the perfect soap to wash those oils off with after you were exposed to the plant.

More Information
Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Sustainable Palm OIl, Organic Castor OIl, Organic Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide (not in final product, it is consumed in the chemical reaction that produces soap), Organic Ground Oats, Jewelweed