Chemicals in Bath and Body Products

  1. Why does handmade soap cost more than other commercially available soaps?

    Peppermint Soap
    1. 1.) We don't skimp on the essential oils, which can easily be the most expensive ingredients. We buy hundreds of pounds of essential oils every year!
    2. 2.) We don't craft our recipes to a price point. We could use cheaper oils, or add more water, or otherwise adjust our recipe to increase profits but we choose not to. Our focus is on quality, not price. We are now using 100% USDA certified organic base oils in all of our soaps!
    3. 3.) Batch size. We are not able to make extremely large batch sizes of soap. We want everything to be as fresh as possible, to provide the freshest products to our customers. This means we must place a limit to our batch size to ensure the best quality products in your hands.
    4. 4.) Many bars you might think of as soaps are not actually soaps. Read the ingredients! It is
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  2. Should you be concerned about parabens?

    What you need to know about Parabens

    Parabens are a class of widely used preservatives in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Their efficacy as a preservative, in combination with their low cost, the long history of their use, and the ineffectiveness of some natural alternatives explains why the use of parabens is so common. Fortunately, parabens are fairly easy to identify on product labels. The most common parabens are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben. Just look for the word with -paraben at the end. Typically more than one paraben is used in a product, and they are often used in combination with other products against a broad range of microorganisms. They are typically used at levels ranging from 0.01% to .3% of the total product. Researchers have found that 90% of typical grocery items contain measurable amounts of parabens, which is why those who steer clear of potentially harmful personal care products often still carry

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  3. Are preservatives really necessary?

    Are Preservatives Really Necessary?

    There is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to preservatives, especially concerning bath and body products. Commercial products are often loaded with preservatives to allow them to remain fresh during the long span between manufacturing and user consumption. Although the preservatives do extend the longevity of the products, the preservatives themselves could be unhealthy. Some are reported to promote skin problems, or even to cause cancer. Some manufacturers like to leave them out to promote a natural or organic aspect of a product, but at the same time the product could be a breeding ground for all sorts of microorganisms that could make us sick, or worse. At Bay Berry Bliss, we do use preservatives in products that require them, and also strive to offer a natural version of that product that does not require any preservatives.

    What Products Require Preservatives

    Preservatives are needed in most products that

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