Essential Oil Foaming Hand Soap

Gentle, Creamy Lather
  • Made with organic, plant based oils
  • Essential oils add antibacterial properties
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Our foaming hand soap is made from scratch using organic plant based oils, to which we add pure essential oils for their cleansing properties and wonderful scent. This soap has a creamy lather and does not contain any chemical detergents or surfactants, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin.

For those with small children or family members with compromised immune systems, we recommend our Four Robbers foaming hand soap for its antibacterial properties! You can read more about this essential oil blend here.

Note: Liquid soap contains water and therefore requires the use of a preservative. We use a non-paraben based preservative to ensure the quality of the product. The amount of preservative in the product is measured to preserve the batch size. Please do not add water to your foaming hand soap, as this will likely result in the growth of bacteria over time.