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Natural Handmade Soaps

At Bay Berry Bliss we like to use the wonderful, skin loving ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer! Our all-natural handmade soaps are made from scratch with USDA certified organic plant based oils. We use herbs, seeds, flowers, fragrant spices, essential oils, plant based butters, and purifying clays to create exceptional skin care products. We also limit ourselves to using colorants such as pigments and some micas that could come directly from the Earth. Today many of these pigments are made in a lab for soap/cosmetic applications; this helps to ensure they are free of heavy metal contamination. They are chemically identical to the ones found in nature minus any contaminates. We never use fragrance oils (or perfume) , artificial dyes, or surfactants in our natural soaps. We only use pure essential oils and natural colorants in our all natural soaps. Our handmade natural soaps are created with all-natural ingredients that produce a gentle, moisturizing bar with a long lasting lather. They will leave your skin feeling soft and clean. Good quality handmade cold-processed soaps will not strip your skin of its natural oils as many store bought "soaps" made with chemical detergents often do. All-natural cold process soap is an affordable luxury that should not be overlooked. Remove more chemicals from your daily products; your skin and the Earth will thank you. Don't just take our word for it! Educate yourself about the products you purchase from reputable sources. Know what you are buying and the impact it has on your health and the earth.