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Essential Oil Soaps

Bay Berry Bliss LLC is a family owned and operated business committed to producing quality products above all else. We began this business as a husband and wife team looking out for the health and well-being of our own family.  In an attempt to limit the number of chemicals in the products we used on a daily basis we decided to make our own soap (among other things).  We make our soap with 100% USDA certified organic oils and butters.  We use oils such as organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, organic castor oil, and organic shea butter.  Each of these oils and butters lend their own unique and luxurious properties to the soap, and since we make everything from scratch we have complete control over the resulting qualities of the soap.  You couldn't make soap with better ingredients if you tried!
 To make soap, we mix the oils with lye and then add in various herbs, spices, butters, and a healthy amount of essential oils.  Once the ingredients are combined, they are poured into a mold and left to cool overnight.  The next day we cut the soap into bars and place them on a dry rack for a full 6 weeks.  We cure our soaps for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure you get a hard bar of soap that will last a long time. Again, we could cut corners and shorten this timeline, but we don't.

Our soaps will:

  • Gently cleanse your skin with a thick, luscious lather.
  • Leave your skin feeling moisturized.  Many of our customers don't even need to use lotion in the summertime!
  • Last a long time.  Everything depends, but on average for most people our soaps will last at least a month with daily use.
  • Aromatherapy experience.  All of our essential oil soaps are scented only with essential oils.  This can be the most expensive ingredient in the soap, and we use them in large amounts.  We do this to ensure that your aromatherapy experience is good to the last sliver of soap

We never compromise the quality of our ingredients or the finished product based on cost or time.  We strive to deliver the best products we can using all-natural, organic ingredients the way mother earth intended. 

Treat yourself, LOVE your soap!

Shampoo Bar Natural Soap
Essential Oil Soap Gift Set
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Peppermint Natural Soap
Lemongrass Natural Soap
Basil Lime Natural Soap
Charcoal Natural Soap
Mechanics Natural Soap
Sportsman Soap
Cedar Natural Soap
Tea Tree Natural Soap
Pine Tar Natural Soap
Herbal Zest Natural Soap
Trial Sized Soap Bar