All-Natural Soaps with Essential Oils:

We hold ourselves to the highest of standards in terms of what products we consider to be all-natural.  Our all-natural soaps are now made with USDA certified organic plant based oils for their base and use only 100% pure essential oils for scent.  The colors either come directly from plant matter such as herbs, or from micas and oxides that can be found in nature.

Fragrance Soaps:

Our fragrance soaps are made with the same USDA certified organic base oils, but they are scented with fragrance oils.  This allows us to include additional types of scent; not all scents are available in essential oils.  Some of these soaps may also utilize dye based colorants, but a majority of the soaps in this category still utilize micas and oxides which can be found in nature.  

Hand and Body Products:

All of our products are made from scratch; we do not just add scent to a premade base. This allows us to choose the best ingredients possible, a majority of the base oils we use are USDA certified organic.  We do use preservatives in those products that require them, and consequently would not consider them to be all-natural.  When possible, we also try to offer an all-natural alternative for those products that do need to have preservatives so that you always have something to choose from.

About Us:

Bay Berry Bliss is a small family owned and operated company dedicated to crafting high quality skin care products.  Our products (any product really) are only as good as the ingredients that go into them.  A vast majority of our ingredients (>99% by weight) are USDA certified organic, we consider them the best ingredients available.  You can read more about us here: About Us